Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Companions

These are my two SPCA dogs. Max is a Chow-Retriever mix, a walking fur ball. Grace is either a full or mixed Pit Bull, who was a cruelty case. They are my bed warmers, travel companions, couch potatoes, vole catchers, lap lovers and snacking accomplices. Where I go they go, as in LOVE ME LOVE MY DOG.

They are on 20 foot tie outs when we are at the plot. This year I am going to put in a fence so they can run around in their own space. Unfortunately there is a highway only 200 feet away so they can't run wild. A neighbor's dog got instantly killed on this road. The speed limit is 45 so of course the cars are pushing 50-60 mph. In the photo Grace is pulling Max's tie out to get him to play. He is more sedate and would rather hunker down with a good stick. I had to wait almost 22 years before my husband let me get a dog. I sure do love them.



Doublebanker said...

Nice blog...thought I saw Grace post, then it disappeared.

Julie said...

Thank you for stopping by. I just started the blog in December and have a lot of tech stuff to learn.

I have 5 children so I really understand how wonderful and life changing a baby can be. Congratulations.