Monday, April 27, 2009

92 degrees?????

Max contemplating.

Brown Turkey and Celeste Fig trees. These are in pots so they can be brought inside during the winter months. No, they won't be ready this year.
Purple asparagus is ready to be enjoyed. A bit of premium olive oil, green garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper..........yum. Don't overcook your asparagus!
Beautiful rye cover crop. Next week this will be chopped and tilled under for biomass.
Aaron weeding thistles-the bane of our farm life. They are crowding the German Winter Thyme and volunteer green garlic. Ouch, wear gloves.

Last week freezing rain and now it is August????????? It was HOT out there today!! At least I would prefer a gradual assault so the body can acclimate. A lot of the seedlings have been sulking throughout April from very cold temps, hopefully this heat will wake 'em up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Freezing Rain BOO BLAH

Gracie trying to stay warm
Straw for tunnel beds
The row, 8' between vines
A first season vine
Grapes taking a soak

The weather Tuesday and Wednesday was truly inhospitable. We picked up 10 bales of straw from another organic farmer for mulching. It was very cold with wind whipped freezing rain. Being underdressed did not help the cause. Since the ground was soggy that meant parking the equivalent of two blocks away. A neighbor boy brought around the gator and hauled the bales up to the tunnel. I am thankful I did not have to hand carry each bale one at a time.

Even inside the tunnel temps hovered around mid 40's. Brrrr, poor Grace was shivering so I made her a pile of straw and put my coat over her. We managed to get some more beds planted and mulched. Lemon grass is a heat loving crop we are trialing. It has medicinal and culinary uses. Fresh ginger also thrives on heat, another crop new to our list of trials.

Thursday proved too muddy for reaching the tunnel and once again we had to portage our supplies on a vintage child's wagon. The sun shone brightly, thus returning warmth to the landscape, enabling us to get grapes and figs planted. Each day has its own work regardless of the weather.

Seeding and more seeding is on the schedule for today. Enjoy the sunshine.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Potato Day/Seedlings

Garden sorrel, one of the first greens.
Kale and chard.
Potting up.

Some pics of potato day. Backbreaking work.
There are many different techniques for planting
taters. I used the old grunt and grit method
today. Tomorrow rain is in the forecast so they will
all get a drink.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Superb Look At The CSA Experience

Check out this short film!

It gives an excellent view of the CSA from the shareholders experience. Very beautiful. If it asks you for a password use fridaysscreener

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy Weather

Garlic is waking up and escaped Sunday's hail storm.

If you look really hard in the center,(click on photo) a little asparagus tip is emerging-woohoo!!
Tilled and ready for raking. Then the carrot, beet, and radish seeds got planted.

Cutting Celery and German Winter Thyme

Monday we went out to work with wind whipping up 30 mile per hour gusts. Just for good measure it turned raw and damp. Yuk. Add a cloudy sky and you've got less than inspirational conditions. Twenty-four hours later total opposite: a gorgeous, sunny, warm, non windy work day!