Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Chores

This time of year is tool fixin' time! I gathered all the hand hoes and harvest knives for the annual tune up. First all the blades get a new edge, then all the handles get sanded and oiled. If there is any rust on the blades I have a very cool widget that makes it disappear. A 2"x 3" eraser, embedded with grit, makes short work of rust removal. Not just for rust, this little gem is great for all kinds of stuff around the shop. Today the blades got sharpened. Tuesday will be the next available day to finish the handles.

Pennsylvania is experiencing a snowstorm, a perfect day for staying inside and accomplishing this chore. I'm trying to tackle my winter "to do" list. Everyday my goal is to check off at least one item. One thing about farming-timing is everything. Each job has a window of opportunity, snooze you lose! Missed deadlines result in long term consequences. Winter is also the time for farming conferences and classes. I've signed up for an eight week Penn State class on business planning. The PASA (Pennsylvania Association Sustainable Agriculture) conference is one of the largest in the country. Folks come from all over to soak up all things farming. You can visit and check out the conference schedule and speakers here
This year I'm not attending, sad as sad can be.

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