Thursday, February 5, 2009

15* One Ton Day

Blocking up the trays with the "20" cube
Part of the load from Lancaster Ag
Putting on snow to wet the potting soil
Grace taking a break from wrestling Max
Max taking a break from tearing up the beds
Digging and amending the beds

We have been fighting snow and low temps to get our work done. Yesterday a few beds got dug and then Max decided he needed to redo the job. Not funny. It was 15* outside so I let the dogs in the tunnel, something I have not permitted. Dogs get cabin fever too, so I brought them along. They have been itching to have a day out. They know when I am going to the plot and beg to come along. We brought wheelbarrow loads of snow in to put on the 2'x8' trays of potting soil. The tunnel temps were 80+ degrees so I figured it would melt by today. Onions were seeded into the ground.

Today we picked up various soil amendments and minerals. The fork lift set the pallet load into the back of the van, uh oh...............the van took a plunge. I thought a moment and asked if they could distribute the weight over the the whole cargo area. It still was very low. Needless to say, I drove very carefully with over 2,000 lbs packed solid.

The fun???? part was unloading all the 50lb bags by hand into the tunnel. Can you say backache?

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