Thursday, February 12, 2009

About La Vida Locavore

I found La Vida Locavore while doing research for my class. Since I did not have time to run through the site I was not aware of certain things. The post below has the word hate in the title, an adjective that is reserved for specific uses in scripture. I was going to post a comment on this but have discovered a more offensive selection in today's post on this site. Why our culture feels compelled to insert the f word to make a point is a strong indication of the decline our country is experiencing. Really-get a dictionary, increase your vocabulary sufficiently to express yourself.

A disappointment. This site pulls a lot of info into one place, a useful tool, now made distasteful for those of us who must be pathetically boring to the f crowd. If all this is mere drivel, and it does not bother you, then you probably can glean from the site.

More later...........

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