Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Bad No Photos of This

Friday we drove out to work, the previous 2 days being exceedingly warm, of course the ground was soaked! After turning off the lane onto the field, well....... you can imagine the results. STUCK.
Very stuck in 10" of tire sucking mud. The van has new a detailing look, sort of a sprayed variation of camo mud motif.

Not given to discouragement, a plan was made to haul the water from the thirty gallon tank in the back seat by bucket, only about 800 feet to the tunnel. Tedious. On a normal work day we frequently get tools, equipment and supplies from the "shop on wheels". I sure hope it dries up back there. A JD Gator would come in handy for those conditions. It is on my future wish list.

So how did we get back out to the lane? Towed, thank you James!

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