Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Work Days

What a beautiful scene. This is my view while filling the water tank. A mother goose and her fluffy goslings have been taking regular outings on the pond, even venturing onto the meadow. That is the original spring house, with a new roof. Quite a hill to take a tumble if you are carrying milk pails. I think about how hard women had to labor to prepare the daily meals.
After the paper and fence were in place, a layer of wood chips are used to keep the paper from blowing and ripping. It also looks better. A friend helps Aaron, to make the job more enjoyable.
A shot of the green things. Temps went down to 35 degrees, other farms got hit with freezing. I tell you, not a good season so far. For CSA members, we are trying to get those little lettuces to grow. Tomorrow the forecast-77 degrees. This season is slow, slow, slow!

Finally the rye gets chopped. Daughter Alexandra stopped by to lend a hand, asking to try out the BCS with a Palladino flail mower. This is an excellent piece of machinery. It will mow and chop a 6 foot high cover crop simultaneously.

This is biodegradable paper mulch. We are experimenting with several weed control strategies. In the pic, electric net fencing is being laid out on top of the paper.


Beno and Three said...

What a beautiful view! Your garden is coming along nicely, slow season or not. You must do what you can and leave the rest to providence.

Julie said...

Thank you Beno, yes I agree. One step at a time, with diligence, will get more done than rushing. When I am racing around trying to accomplish too much at once something always gets forgotten, misplaced, or worse.

Do you garden? I did not find your blog.

Julie said...
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Julie said...
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