Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Busy, but then isn't everyone???

The last market was Saturday, and I am ready for a break! Don't misunderstand, I love market and all the wonderful folks who visit our stand each week. BUT........I am bone tired by November. There is a long list of cleaning, baking, and cooking to prepare for Thanksgiving. In addition, many custom embroidery Christmas orders are due before December 19th. So I have not been doing much blogging.

More rain and wet ground..........hmmmm will the remaining garlic ever get in the ground? I also have sunchokes and a few old fashioned multiplier onions to plant. CSA members will be getting freshly dug carrots, beets and herbs Wednesday for their Thanksgiving table. Collards and arugala should be lush, a perfect foil for turkey. A huge thank you to those who have signed up for 2010!!

May each of you have a richly blessed week. No matter how desperate the situation there are always more things to count as positive than negative. Did you dress yourself? Were you able to see this morning? Could you walk? Are you able to hear or speak? Do you have clean drinking water? Think twice before you complain!!

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