Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back In The Saddle!

SNOW and more snow. January has been defined by the stuff. The ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens have been surviving storms with temps in single digits. I keep thinking I will find frozen poultry in the morning. They have a shelter, but I see them hanging around outside most daylight hours.
Ugh, the huge bags of Fertrell organic potting soil was frozen solid under a foot of snow. So unthinking of me to have forgotten to bring it inside before the weather turned. Aaron shoveled it out and dragged it into the house. Thankfully it thawed and we can seed onions and flowers.
Here is another snow lover! Max is like a child, just does not want to come in, even after hours of lounging belly down on the frigid piles. He makes me cold looking at him. Finally, after I can't stand it anymore, I muscle him indoors.
This poor Black Crested duck was found stuck in the ice and snow. Somehow it got wedged between the pen and barn wall. I don't know how long he was caught but he had signs of struggling fiercely to free himself. His bill and wing feathers were rubbed raw and bleeding. I didn't know if he would make it. After 4 days of ICU in the laundry he rejoined his flock.
The original water is in service as I can not keep the lines to their automatic water thawed. There is no electric to the barn or coop. Anyone know of a solar livestock tank heater?
View off the front deck. No matter the time of year, Lancaster county is beautiful.
Ducks and geese in their new fenced area.
Back view.

All sunrises are special. This is the view from the kitchen sink. In only a few moments I can literally watch it rise over the woods in the neighbors field.

We are ready for another season of growing produce. How quickly the weeks pass. May we grow for you? If you are interested check out our website for the 2011 CSA shares.

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