Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mud Sale

They don't call them mud sales for nothing! I promptly got stuck the minute I drove onto the field to park.
All sorts of stuff gets auctioned off. From broom bottoms with no handle to combines.
This little FARMALL A sure got lots of attention. It's perfect for produce with its belly cultivators. I have a great appreciation for these tractors. Not really interested in owning one, I aim to walk behind Halflingers.
One thing about mud sales.......................tables are full of homemade donuts, pies and other baked delights. It was very cold so 2 kinds of homemade soup were offered. The Ham 'n Bean
was perfection.
Now here is something I seriously coveted. The makings of an Eggmobile right in front of me!!
They say there is a lid for every pot, and judging from the bidding I'd say that is true.
A collection of scales. Ronald said when he was growing up they would weigh hay bales on them and sometimes themselves.
Yes, seeding is underway while the wind howls outside. These flats are destined for the unheated high tunnel. Thick mud is preventing access to our plot, as an E-150 van is worthless in the stuff. We are working hard to stay on schedule, insuring a successful harvest for CSA deliveries. Check our website for CSA details and brochure.

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