Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Changes Underfoot!!

Long time not blogging here on this particular page. The website has not gotten its fair share of updates either. This past season has been keeping me tied to the fields and animals. I hope to update frequently during the coming months. Weather patterns are changing. I don't care what climate change debaters say. I see it in the field; scorching heat waves in May and two months of drought followed by up and down temps, then a killing frost on October 13th followed by almost 80 degree days!

The farm is undergoing exciting and important changes! We are expanding here at home and no longer farming away. This consolidation should increase productivity, efficiency, and product offerings. Fiber and yarn will continue with our exquisite mohair offerings. Organic pastured eggs are also sharing the spotlight. Ahhh, looking forward to good stuff.
Merviglia Venezia Italian pole bean. Beautiful to gaze upon and
even better to eat. Meaty yet tender and so flavorful.
Cucuzza (pronounced googootza) is an Italian squash but so much more and the vines are crazy long....25-35 feet!! The fruit can grow over 6'. Botanically it is considered a gourd, but used like zucchini. The texture is wonderfulnot at all watery, more velvety and dense. This means it holds up in slow cooking or on the grill.

Yellow Crookneck summer squash
These were so perfect no matter how I prepared them!


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