Friday, January 2, 2009

Crop Planning

The last of the seed orders is finished! A crop sheet is indispensable. I have a big canvas PASA bag and it holds all essentials for working, sort of like a ladies farming purse. That crop sheet is always
in the bag. Since we aren't around the corner, remembering stuff is even more necessary. Lunch, drinks, cups, paperwork, camera, hand sanitizer, books, plot maps, county maps, floatsom and jetsom all end up in the bag. It can seem like a bottomless pit when I'm trying to find something.

Next up..........crop planting schedule for each veggie. This is comparable to an orchestra playing beautiful music, as opposed to chaotic noise. Each crop must begin and end on time, otherwise your CSA box will be a disappointing culinary melody.

January means onions. Hundreds of greens threads poking out of their soil blocks, threatening to become hopelessly tangled. Eventually they will size up to about the thickness of a pencil. At that point they may be placed in the ground. Perennial flowers and herbs are notoriously fussy. Each has certain requirements to ensure adequate germination. So for those of you who wonder what a farmer does when "not working".................we are WORKING, just not under 90 degree sunshine.

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