Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farm Visit

Yesterday we took a scenic drive out to Holtwood, which is situated along the York/Lancaster county borders. Farmer Tom Forrest invited us to visit his new homestead. The weather was beautiful, not too cold, clear skies all in all perfect. An enthusiastic welcoming committee composed of four lively children, Blackie the dog, and a black kitten surrounded us as got out of the van. Tom's lovely wife Holly gave us a tour of the fields, certified processing kitchen and house. The house is a historical wonder. Built in 1740, it has hundreds of unusual features. The wood for the floors and other structures came from the ship that the builder sailed from England. The stairways are all spiral. So many nooks and crannies, if the walls could talk what stories they could tell! A surprise visit by a friend of Tom made the atmosphere quite festive. Justin had returned from a year teaching art in Chile. We also got to meet his sweet wife-to-be.

After a lunch of homemade artisan Brie, tomato soup, breads and meats, we were treated to Pinnacle Lookout. It is the highest point in Lancaster county. The photos show part of the view we saw. Across the Susquahanna River is York county. The original farm covered 4000 acres, extending to the river, the very spot we were standing.

We also saw the kitchen where Tom makes his sausage and sauerkraut. Fascinating stuff.

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Matt said...

Hi Julie,

Great Blog, It's good to hear from other farmers. Despite the differences in our climates, we all seem to spend the winter doing the same sorts of things, fixing tools ordering seeds, planning next year.

Have a great 2009!