Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally, A Work Day

Our BCS needed repair work and general maintenance, ditto for the flail mower. The seal on the mower got ripped by embedded twine-very, very, bad! Stuff happens. Whatever the cost, I will feel good knowing that my equipment is in the best condition, ready to work. Vince from the shop came and hauled them up to Ephrata, sort of like having your car towed.

Temps outside were around freezing, not so it the tunnel. At 11:00 it was 60*, by 1:30 it had jumped to 73*, causing us to peel off all extra layers. What a wonderful feeling to be in the soil again. While I prepped the soil, Aaron brought in snow for much needed moisture around the cutting celery and parsely. The rosemary bushes have survived, without water for the last 2 months. I was worried the cold would kill them. A min-max thermometer still hasn't been placed in the tunnel. So, what was the lowest temp? I have no idea.

Max LOVES snow. He gets grumpy when I make him come inside, just like a little kid. It turned out to be a perfect dog day-snow, fresh air, a good stick to chew away the hours, and plenty of deer tracks to sniff.

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claire said...

73 degrees!!! well why didnt you say so! i'll come down anytime this winter if i can sit in 73 degree weather. btw, is the greenhouse like one of those things that magnifies the sun, so if i work in a bikini will i get a fierce tan?

xoxo, you know im just kidding

i love you mom :)