Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20 Mile Per Hour Crawl

My 2 1/2 hour drive to class turned into a 4+ hour drive. The roads were slick, slushy, icy in spots and temps in teens did not help. A monster John Deer tractor was helping 18 wheelers up a grade on route 322, using an equally monster tow chain. Traffic was pretty much in the 20-30 mph range for the whole trip. Visibility from additional fog, in low lying areas, obscured all but the tail lights of the car ahead. Salt spray was compounding the problem. The washer fluid was frozen, despite blasting the defroster on hot. Wipers just schmeared the frozen slop, creating a nightmare coating. Thankfully the ride home went alright. Chicken Little for sure!!

The landscape was pure Winter Wonderland. I rolled down the van window to try and get a shot, but the daylight was fading. Every farm appeared serene. Lamplight shone through barn windows and behind farmhouse curtains. Milking time. Very quiet, very cold and very beautiful.

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