Monday, January 19, 2009

A Wintery Day

Sadie takes in a few birds from a warmer vantage point. She uses the window as her personal exit/entrance, hence the smudgy curtains. Meeoooow, let me out, then the reverse, this time on the other side of the window, usually standing up, hanging on the screen. I'd much rather have a cat flap, but hubby doesn't want one.

Tonight is the second of eight classes on farm business planning, and it is really snowing. Since I'm Chicken Little when it comes to driving, and it's a 2 1/2 hour drive, suffice it to say I'm not excited. Guess I'll just grit my teeth and put my life in the Lord's hands. This year I may be towing a box trailer, so I better get over what ails me. Plenty of women have learned to drive all sorts of trucks, tractors, farm equipment and trailers.

One of my hobbies is weaving on the loom pictured above. Many market customers also order custom embroidery at my stand. The quality of store bought towels is so poor that I am considering weaving my own towel fabric. A Winter day is the only available time to work on a project. Once February, and especially March, arrives fugetaboutit! Planting season starts and all hobbies take a back seat.

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