Friday, June 26, 2009

84* In The Shade

Scorching temps slowed harvest to a crawl. Zuke picking proved particularly steamy. Spiny stems were scratching my arms raw and the leaf canopy trapped all the heat and moisture. The day's extreme weather taxed roofers, mailmen, landscapers, basically anyone who had to work outside.

Crops picked :

Fantasia Chard
Red cabbage
Striped Zukes
Golden Patty Pans
Genovese Basil
Pea Tendrils
Gallisse Lettuce
German Thyme
Kale, (not much)
Beautiful Roc D'or gold filet beans did not get picked, sorry, next week?

I wanted to take some pics but the camera would have slid right out of my dripping palm. We wear disposable gloves for harvest and my hands were wet when I removed them-Yuk! Pretty much everything was soaked with sweat, except the veggies! Seriously, we do not drip sweat on your produce Ah, the joys of farming............


Eden's Farmer said...

I won't go there.....84 in the shade. ;) We're hoping to break back below 100 tomorrow. Ahhhh, 97 will feel like a cool front.

Julie said...


Oh no, you Texans have it hard. My niece lives in Dallas and talks about ya'lls weather down thar! BUT, in our defense....we have humidity "thick as pea soup", which makes the temps seem way more uncomfortable.