Monday, June 29, 2009

A John Deer Gator sure comes in handy. The boys are mulching the fence area.
Let's go boys, still a lot left in that pile!
90+ degrees sounds like the perfect time for an old-fashioned water bucket toss. Aaron really enjoyed getting wet after working all day.
Trellis for muskmelons, patty pans in front.
new herb bed being planted with French Tarragon.
Mushroom soil, wood chips and sand perform various functions on the farm.
Cherry Toms
Some of our market stand
Rain and sun produced BIG zukes!

Just a few pics. Your veggies are growing nicely now that we have plenty of sunshine. Well I must get off the computer and into the field. As you can see there are weeds everywhere and more planting needs done ASAP if we are going to keep those crops coming.

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