Friday, July 3, 2009


A very obnoxious Pigweed taking over sunflowers, which are taking over potatoes.
Savoy cabbage, a favorite.
Costata Romanesco zuke.
Heirloom Tomato
Compost must meet temperature regulations before use, otherwise it must be used according to raw manure rules.
Brian is delivering a load of straw. Maybe we can get control of our weeds with a good hoeing (bulldozing????) and thick application of straw mulch.
This young CSA member enjoys sunflowers. It did not work having her hold a sunflower since they are bigger than her face, and heavy too!
I'm not sure how much coleslaw this lady eats................certainly not as much as this cabbage will produce.

We had quite a week. Lots of work and visitors. Aaron and I really appreciated this family's time at the farm. It was very embarrassing for me due to the weeds. Oh to have a picture perfect garden!!! Market was cancelled this week for July 4th events, by coming to the farm they still got their share. Her dad moved some straw to the new squash plants, a big thanks. I absolutely covet any muscle that comes my way, and so does my lower back.

How can it be the first week of July??? Where did June go. Perhaps it is because I am older that the days slip quickly. All the best laid plans and schedules, dreams of perfect carrot rows or profusely blooming annuals are meeting reality. In the heat of the day while sitting under the shade of the oaks, I think over the season since it started back in February. Some crops grew the way I dreamed and others have failed. A few flats were lost simply because I could not plant them when they were ready. Last July there were beautiful sweet Napoli carrots, zip for this July. I will replant for a fall harvest.

There is a mantra for farming: TIMING. That clock waits for no farmer!

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