Monday, July 13, 2009

Trellis Help

New trellises are up thanks to the muscles of three men. We worked 2 days last week getting 4x4 posts set for 100' of grape vines. Next up tomato staking with Hortonova netting attached. This job is at least 4 weeks overdo. That timing thing!

Weeding got tackled using "The Beast". I don't like wrestling with a tiller but it does the best job. I desperately need to get direct seeding. The only way the seeder works is if the bed is rock and weed free.

Garlic was dug Friday night for Saturday's market. Probably only one more digging and I will be able to plant a new crop, probably beans. That bed was very weedy and it will be a relief to get it clean. Potatoes are ready for digging this Friday. Flowers and herbs are also on the Friday harvest list.
I'll post pics later.

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