Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Endless Rain

Puddles everywhere.
Aaron suiting up for harvest during last Friday's deluge.
Aaron at the end of his work day, too much heat and humidity to suit him!

After 3 days of no rain, here we are again! Baritone rumbling woke me up, rattled windows and sent Max into hiding. I found him in the bathroom, determined to stuff himself between the wall and toilet. Poor dog. He hates thunderstorms.

It let up around 11:00 so we headed out to transplant tomatoes and peppers. Yesterday was very hot and muggy, plenty of sun blasting down, not good conditions for setting plants. Instead we weeded, mostly those dastardly thistles. Anyway, we worked for less than an hour and the clouds resumed their symphony with rain. Lots of rain. End of transplanting.

Tomorrow is another fruit day on the biodynamic planting calendar, so we will try again. Oh! the weather, no wonder it's in the "Top Ten" of farmer conversations.

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