Saturday, June 13, 2009

Endless Rain....repeat!

Another week of PRECIPITATION, water vapor, droplets, deluge, flood, cloud saturation blah,blah,blah. Still, the drought is a more fearsome foe. Fieldwork gone missing, seeding schedules washed away and transplanting under water..............all for the love of rain. We don't want to complain. But, for the grower too much rain is a pain. Some farmer's suffered insult to injury with a side of 2 1/2" hail to complement the main rainfall.

Rot is a major consequence of too much moisture. Insects and disease want their piece of green. All bets are off for the coming week, photosynthesis take a number! Market was ok. I salvaged lettuces, and CSA members had an ok share, certainly not what I would prefer for early June.

To the future of chlorophyll and sunlight, Here Here!! (Course then grousing about the heat will take over)

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