Monday, August 3, 2009

Yikes, here are some lovely heirloom toms being overrun with disgusting pigweed. I am relieved to report the pigweed was later sent to the compost pile!
Benary's Zinnias that were in the tunnel too long are finally going to get planted outside. Let's hope they still perform. Flowers have not been getting enough of my attention this season, alas I wanted to have plenty of bouquets.
Bay Laural grows very slowly and is frost sensitive, which is why it is in a pot. The flavor is complex and hard to describe, but the oh so subtle difference makes the dish special!

CSA farmers are a family so to speak. When one farm gets hit with a disaster we all feel bad. I read today of several farms that are suffering severe losses due to a blight that attacks tomatoes and potatoes. This blight spreads rapidly in wet, windy conditions. So far we have been spared. Once it arrives in a field that crop is doomed to die. I truly feel bad for my fellow growers.


Matt and April said...

Long may you be free of blights fellow farmer!

Julie said...


Are you experiencing late blight in Canada? Very nice CSA selection despite the brutal season you have had.