Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seeding and Weeding

Cosmic Purple carrots, Pronto red beets and Touchstone Gold beets are seeded.
This lovely savoy cabbage will be in someone's CSA share tomorrow.
Jersey Wakefield cabbage has a funny looking pointed head, not at all round.
The bees, both Bumble and Honey, love the flowers which is one reason we grow them.
The fluffy Teddy Bear types are among my favorites.
More cukes are coming, Satsuki and National Pickling.
A tomatilla fruit, will be ready for harvest when the husk splits open.
Italian Pole beans, this year with hefty support.

This last two weeks have alternated between a steam bath and a steam bath with thunderstorms. Yup, July's calling card in Pennsylvania is Humidity Plus. The rain is a blessing as stuff was getting bone dry. Copious amounts of weeds got flail mowed today in anticipation of tomorrow's potato harvest. Trying to dig root crops under a 2 foot blanket of thistles is pure
prickly frustration. Seeding is back on track with beans, cukes, greens, and herbs.

Max stepped on a bee today. ouch! The lawn has so much clover it is hard to not step near a bee!

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