Monday, July 20, 2009

A Few Pics

French Fingerlings with their gorgeous centers.
My beloved Max getting a "drive by" hug.
Nepeta loaded with hundreds, maybe thousands of bees. Their humming is LOUD!
Aaron and Grace taking a break.
Imperial Star artichokes.
Lovely lopes.
A new crop of savoy cabbage Testa di Ferro.
Royal burgundy is a bush bean. Sad but true, they turn green when cooked.
Sunflowers are heavily reseed themselves. These guys appeared all on their own.
This section of the garden has tremendous Lambsquarter and thistle pressure so I mulched with straw and so far it is keeping the bed clean.
All self seeded cherry toms from last years tunnel crop! They have gone a bit crazy.
A wonderful surprise gift from a CSA member-delicious zucchini bread, thank you for such a treat. I used to bake everyday. Ha! no time for such a luxury these days.

It rained Friday night-finally after weeks of nothing. The crops are desperate for a drink. With rain forecasted for this evening, tomorrow and Wednesday, they should get a deep soak.

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