Saturday, August 8, 2009

Market Pics

Squash Boxes: baby patty pans, baby zukes, cherry toms, bell pepper and hot pepper.
Aaron cheezin' it at our stand.

Thursday was my organic certification inspection. The inspector has to confirm that all water, soil, fertilizer, pest management, weed management and growing practices are in compliance with the USDA's NOP rules. Kind of a pain, but all that paper trail gives a very specific picture of how the farm is doing across the board. It is especially helpful for year to year comparisons. Human memory is not very accurate................can you remember what you ate two weeks ago for lunch on Wednesday???? Me neither.

Market was very warm and slow. I suppose folks are on vacation (what's that?), traveling about the country. My break will come in December. Then January starts the seed orders, crop map planning, heavy reading etc. and we begin all over.

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