Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sciatic -What a Pain

Grounded today thanks to sciatic nerve pain. Tunnel seedlings are probably toasted since I have not been able to water since Friday! Weeks like this are so frustrating. Yet I am blessed with so many good gifts I should not complain. A few:

Freedom from oppression
Clean drinking water
Eyes, ears, hands and feet


Matt and April said...

Hope you feel better soon! Rest is something hard to schedule in intensive market growing, but it must be had somehow. I'm still working on that myself, no real solutions yet, but I did go fishing for a day last week after 16 weeks on the job.

Take it easy,


Julie said...

Thanks M&A,

I think I'm going to try accupuncture. BTW do you fly fish? I will have to visit your page and see if you posted any pics.