Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aaron's Cheezin It Up

Azim grills scrumptious shish-kabobs to order. He also eats my super hot peppers like apples, don't understand how he does it. Aaron is only to happy to chat it up .
Ah, poor Shawn, Aaron keeps him busy even during a break. Shawn will make a great dad someday as he is so patient.
Shawn's helper Steve is also very kind and patient.
Jack and his wife are always favorite visitors to our stand.
Aaron loves market cause there's so many great vendors to schmooze with! Here are the couple from Souix City Soap who make the best, best smelling soap.
And here is Azim's wife Atmela. They have a roasted eggplant salad that is addictive, plus a large selection of Mediterranean food.

Swarthmore Farmer's Market is pretty comfy-we like it.

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