Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Stretch of the Race

These last two days have been warm, unlike the crisp mornings of last week. The equinox passed on Tuesday, thus it is officially Fall. With only four more CSA deliveries left for this year, I have been reviewing the stats. Most farmers will do this kind of quality control.

Vexation of the spirit and mind is not uncommon to anyone farming. I believe that relinquishing control of the weather and sickness automatically creates havoc. Stomping at the sky does not bring a remedy any better than pleading with the doctor. This season has had its share of internal stomping and pleading.

This past five days I have had fever and an infection. Call it your basic dishrag/feel like crap malaise that prevents any sort of productive work. Not good. There will be no harvest tomorrow. That is vexation.

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