Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chilly And Sweatshirts

I've been donning my sweatshirt to stay warm. Yes, folks in Minnesota will laugh at me for thinking 41 degrees requires outerwear. Other signs of Autumn are increasing. A brown carpet of acorns under the Oak trees has made walking downright dangerous. I should collect a bushel for craft projects, but will I really use them, or will they contribute to CRAFT CLUTTER???? I confess I do have a significant stash.

The last two weeks I have been sick. Perhaps it is the sudden changes in temperature that has made me vulnerable. Whatever the reason, being out of commission does not get the field work done! Very aggravating. An intern for next season is a priority, no missed markets or deliveries.

Tomorrow is harvest day. Maybe the spinach will be ready, although cooler temps mean slower growth. The tunnel is undergoing preparation for planting mixed greens. I'll try and get some pictures.

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