Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biodynamic Sewing

Yes, sewing as in needle and thread. I was very fortunate to be present for a morning session of Biodynamic prep making at a local farm. Each Fall specific herbal "preparations" are made and then fermented in the earth until Spring. Chamomile sausages and Dandelion pouches were created on this particular day with several people helping. Cow intestines are rinsed and stuffed with dried chamomile flowers, which have been moistened in very hot water. Cow mesentery or peritoneal sac was cut into aproximately 10"x 10" squares and sewn to form a pouch, stuffed tightly with dried dandelion flowers moistened with water, then closed with more stitches. Since I enjoy any type of needlework this task was a tactile pleasure engaging all the senses except taste.

The farm was truly gorgeous. Exquisite beds, composed of meticulously sown greens, were an inspiration for my own plot. And.........nary a weed to be found, although I was assured that "Oh, we have plenty of weeds". It was a lovely day.

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