Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Jobs

All the trellises in the garden must be cleaned up. These 2x4s will be left in the ground, 1x1s will be pulled and stored inside.
This odd looking African Lion's Tail is from Seeds of Change.
Hearty Pink Lettucy Mustard isn't bothered by cold weather, in fact it grows better!
Old crops are removed and the ground prepped for cover crops.
Garlic arrived today. It was a cold, rainy afternoon, perfect for popping cloves inside and drinking hot peppermint tea. Only 40 more pounds to pop. Breaking apart the bulbs creates sore thumbs, a small price for such a deeply satisfying October ritual.


mara said...

We purposefully grow out our thumbnails to make the clove popping go smoother!

Julie said...

It has been so wet that all that popped garlic is sitting.