Friday, September 4, 2009

A Few Crop Pics

African Marigolds from Seeds Of Change. I love these large 4' plants.
Last of the toms due to blight.
Twinkle eggplant
Looooong Italian Pole beans-one of the best tasting, succulent beans I have ever eaten, YUM. This variety is from Seeds Of Change. Lots of Mexican Bean Beetle damage on leaves.
Okra pod right below the flower. I think this one is Jade.
Satsuki Madori cuke grows long. These did not get tied on time!! They should be trellised.
Ah, here is a little Reba squash. We are hoping to beat frost-a real longshot.
Butterflies are visiting the garden daily, in rather large numbers. I don't know if they are sensing Autumn or exactly what is responsible for the increase. Other guests are toads, snakes, baby bunnies, all sorts of bees and flying insects, deer, fox, Bluebirds, Martins, Goldfinches and other assorted critters.
French Tarragon
Now before you get grossed out-that is not a body part. It is a Kombucha "mushroom", which is not a mushroom at all but a culture, similar to a vinegar "mother". I have been brewing and fermenting my own delicious Kombucha. The store bought stuff is very very expensive. This batch has another 4 days till it is ready to drink.
Last week I used some veggies that were part of the CSA share to make a scrumptious dinner. Here we have fresh cut corn, sweet and hot peppers, okra, onions, garlic, tomatoes and chicken.

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