Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Special Day

Shawn's neighbor and friend, (everybody knows everybody in Biglerville!) raises Elk for meat.
Shawn is one of Aaron's favorite people. His friend Steve, whose family also has an orchard, comes to help Shawn at market on Saturdays. It truly made Aaron's day to go out for lunch at a local pizza parlor.

Yesterday I took a little road trip with two objectives: visit Beechwood Orchards and my early childhood farm. The first is a gorgeous multi-generation orchard run by our friend Shawn and his family. He sells luscious stone fruits, berries of all types, flavorful heirloom and modern apples, and of course spicy cider beside us at the Swarthmore market. Topography distinguishes Adams county! Steep green hills, covered with orchards, create a living quilt of geometric lines, blocks and dots. It spites me that I did not take a panoramic pic, guess I was too mesmerized by the view.

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